2020 Luxury Trends

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According to Bain and Company, “the personal luxury goods market will continue to grow at a rate of 2-3 percent through 2020, reaching an estimated €280-295 billion in revenue”. That said, the UK and the EU are mature markets and will still have to fight for every euro. Developing new ways to get their brands in front of their target markets will be crucial in maintaining their revenue streams.

As far as age demographics go, Generation X and Generation Y are outspending the Baby Boomers in the luxury market. While the younger generations spend a lot more time online, there’s still a huge market for tangible marketing collateral. Believe it or not, people like to put down their cell phones on occasion and pick up a magazine while waiting in the GP surgery, at home, or at the office before a meeting. They don’t have to worry about passwords security, pop-ups, or technical glitches.

Similarly, while online shopping is steadily increasing, luxury consumers still find themselves in brick-and-mortar stores, regardless of age. Products that focus on textiles, colors, and sizes, in particular, are a major contributor to retail stores success–consumers need to physically see and touch these items before deciding to make a purchase.

Luxury Brands Need to Balance Their Advertising

Strategic placement of adverts will force luxury brands to cover many bases, both online and offline. The brands that will be most successful will not only have great aesthetics and superior storytelling, but they’ll have brilliant strategic placement. One of the secrets of these brands is advertising in local high-end publications. This is Magazine Sales House’s specialty. We place luxury brands in top-tier, glossy magazines that are area-specific, and appeal to wealthy locals and visitors alike. These publications can then either direct people to websites or to physical retail stores. The best global brands know that placing local adverts in the right magazines is an important part of a company’s overall advertising mix, and we’re pleased to be a part of it.

Luxury Brand Local Advertising Ideas for 2017

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With digital advertising allowing reach to a high number of readers, targeting the local luxury consumer in 2017 requires a mixed approach. To drive brand awareness a luxury brand need to consider that digital reach may not always translate into interest in their product or service. Take a leaf out of some top luxury brands’ books: in addition to using other branding channels, brands like Gucci, Rolex and Porsche are targeting some of the UK’s wealthiest individuals by advertising in catchment-specific magazines. Publications like ‘The Mayfair Magazine’, a glossy lifestyle monthly with a circulation of 50,000, is read by 243,880 residents including wealthy visitors to the area. The Mayfair Magazine covers a wealth of topics from luxury brands, property, and services, delivering features that reflect the lifestyle of the audience. As a result, the magazine demands the highest standard of advertising with no quarter pages, splits or classifieds, which creates a credible environment for a luxury brand to promote and engage local consumers.  

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