Brand Advertisers

Luxury advertising, particularly via magazines allow brands to engage with the customers they really want.  Lifestyle editorial creates the perfect environment for relevant advertising to be placed and gain exposure to, interested readers.

Your brands will be seen in a positive light. Research has shown that an advertisement in a lifestyle magazine is seen more positively than in other media such as newspapers, TV, radio and websites (PPA Research, How Magazine Advertising works).

Our Work – Luxury Advertising

Listed below are just some of the luxury advertising brand campaigns we have introduced to our portfolio of AB lifestyle magazines.

If your campaign needs that extra lift, contact us to connect with luxury lifestyle titles that fit perfectly with your brands.

10 Reasons to advertise in our portfolio of magazines

  • We are the largest sales house in the UK that specialises in magazines, and only magazines.
  • We reach over 6 million AB readers a month and have unrivalled penetration into the areas we circulate.
  • We have hand-picked the best magazines in every region to ensure they have the right look and feel for national luxury advertisers, strong distribution and loyal, local readership.
  • We mirror the lifestyle and culture of the areas in which we circulate.
  • The magazines are produced to the highest standard with quality editorial that reflect the local community.
  • We can offer local, regional or national campaigns.
  • With one call, we can help you plan a luxury advertising campaign across 146 titles. ¬†We are incredibly flexible in the creative executions we offer (Wraps, gate folds, editorial, advertorials, leaflets).
  • Our titles are all market leaders in their areas.
  • Our publishers all specialise in magazines.

With a strong track record in the sector, our advertising packages are ideal for both luxury advertisers and publishers. The team have experience working on both sides of the field and have first-hand understanding of the unique needs of both advertising executives and publishing sales teams. To find out how we can help, contact us today.