Luxury Brand Local Advertising Ideas for 2017

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With digital advertising allowing reach to a high number of readers, targeting the local luxury consumer in 2017 requires a mixed approach. To drive brand awareness a luxury brand need to consider that digital reach may not always translate into interest in their product or service. Take a leaf out of some top luxury brands’ books: in addition to using other branding channels, brands like Gucci, Rolex and Porsche are targeting some of the UK’s wealthiest individuals by advertising in catchment-specific magazines. Publications like ‘The Mayfair Magazine’, a glossy lifestyle monthly with a circulation of 50,000, is read by 243,880 residents including wealthy visitors to the area. The Mayfair Magazine covers a wealth of topics from luxury brands, property, and services, delivering features that reflect the lifestyle of the audience. As a result, the magazine demands the highest standard of advertising with no quarter pages, splits or classifieds, which creates a credible environment for a luxury brand to promote and engage local consumers.  

Segment Specific Luxury Magazines

There are a number of other segment-specific titles that are ideal for a luxury brand campaign, such as ‘Canary Wharf’ magazine. Home to major financial institutions such as HSBC and Credit Suisse, the magazine targets affluent city workers, residents and visitors in and around the Canary Wharf area. Publishers have been quick to capitalise on the opportunity to target the UK’s wealthiest individuals, who live and work outside of London, with segment-specific, glossy magazines. These titles are comparable in quality to paid for high-end glossy titles.  Publications such as ‘The Cheshire’ magazine, for example, delights its 120,000 readers with stunning photography, unique content, and the highest quality production.  Distributed in Cheshire and Manchester, the publication promotes the best of luxury living in the area, presenting the ideal environment for a luxury brand campaign.  

Zero in on Your Target

The beauty of luxury, segment-specific magazines is that most of them are delivered free to the intended audience at relevant distribution points, including homes, offices and transport locations. Unlike advertising platforms where you reach the masses, segment-specific luxury magazines offer brand advertisers rare opportunities to hone in on their target audience in trusted and credible environments.

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