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Bedfordshire County Life Magazine Bedfordshire County Life Magazine Bedfordshire County Life Magazine

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Discerning, living in both town and country, our readers might be semi-rural homeowners or town dwellers interested in the finer things in life. They are a mix of parents of young children, professionals with a disposable income achieved either by dual salary, top end single salary or retired on final salary pension. We are the longest established, paid for, county magazine in Bedfordshire. In Cambridgeshire we are the true ‘Traditional’ County Magazine and our Hertfordshire title completes our portfolio. Our quality titles have a loyal readership who are just as keen to learn about the history and heritage of their county, as they are interested in shopping locally for home interest products or seeking out the private sector, including education, residential care homes, and private health, or even when considering the purchase or a new home. They also enjoy eating out, both near and far, and look for inspirational days out and ideas for special occasions.


Full Page:

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Circulation: 10,000

Readership: 30,000

Areas: Bedfordshire

Postcodes: MK40 IRZ • MK40 1TG • MK40 2QH • MK40 4JT • MK40 4JH • MK41 0SE • MK41 7PJ • MK41 7QF • MK41 OUE • MK41 9BS • MK42 8AY • MK42 0BG • MK42 0GE • MK42 8DD • MK43 8PU • MK43 0ST • MK43 9JT • MK43 0AR • MK45 1LX • MK45 2LU • MK45 2PL • MK45 5JG • SG5 1PU • SG18 0JS • SG18 0NA • SG18 9BT • SG19 1JA • SG19 1JA • SG19 2NP • LU1 2LL • LU2 7UG • LU2 7SF • LU3 3BJ • LU3 IPE • LU3 2SZ • LU4 8JS • LU5 5ES • LU5 5ES • LU5 4JU • LU6 1LW


Male: 40%

Female: 60%




Ratecard Page: £1,050

Ratecard Half Page: £595

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Ross Marshall

020 3006 8296

* Please call to check details have not changed
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